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Monday, April 03, 2006

West End to close, and April Fools' Day remembered...

Columbia's beloved West End will close in the very near future, to be replaced by a Cuban chain restaurant. Could this be motivated by the previous week's 200 person riot? To the Cubans who are destroying the american college bar feel that has plagued and characterized the West End, i say go to hell. The West End, no matter who owns it, should never change. Every campus needs its West End.

Also, in memory of the Saturday that made for a poor April Fools' Day, here is the Spectator's sensational staff editorial from April 1, 2004, when I served on the editorial board. It got carried all over the nation by righteous conservatives and shocked liberals. Oh, we had fun...

"STAFF EDITORIAL: Re-Elect Bush in 2004
The president has done an exemplary job in office.

April 01, 2004
Correction appended

As we approach the presidential election of 2004, Americans will be forced to make a crucial choice that will decide the future of our nation: accept the Democratic challenger, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, or return the Republican incumbent, President George W. Bush, to office. We believe that it is necessary for our nation to stay the successful course, and thus we are proud to endorse President Bush for re-election this November.

We understand that this endorsement may come as somewhat of a surprise; this is an extremely liberal campus--the majority of this editorial board even identifies itself as aligned with the Democratic party. However, the world is a more dangerous place today than it was four years ago.

When faced with terror and tragedy, the president rose above the partisan fray and led a united nation in invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq that scattered al-Qaeda, removed cruel dictators from power, freed millions from tyranny, and set them on a path that we are convinced will lead to the establishment of peaceful democracy in those nations. Bush is a proven leader in a time of trial.

Senator Kerry, on the other hand, has shown little that suggest that he will continue to stand up to terrorists and rogue nations if elected to the presidency. Kerry seems willing to allow U.S. foreign policy to be dictated by the United Nations, even if it means acting in a manner contrary to our own vital interests. As president, such a policy would prove an unnecessary peril in an already dangerous world.

On the domestic front, Bush has also pushed through several policies that, although unorthodox and heavily criticized by many students, have done much to strengthen us as a nation.

While some students may protest the imprisonment of suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, we believe that this was a necessary step to prevent them from carrying out further attacks on our people.

Others claim that the USA PATRIOT Act has infringed upon the rights of American citizens, but, we ask, what use is our freedom if it costs us our lives? President Bush has shown a bold unwillingness to allow the Constitution to become a suicide pact.

We also cite Bush's efforts to halt the moral decay that characterized the Clinton Administration. The Bush White House has been refreshingly free of sex scandals, and we hope that his abstinence-only sexual education policies result in a decline in the promiscuity that has frequently plagued this campus.

While we recognize that many students are opposed to Bush's proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, we believe that the American people should be allowed to at least consider this promising idea and determine for themselves what should be recognized as a true marriage. Under a Kerry administration, such an honest discussion would certainly be silenced.

President Bush has also exercised a common-sense approach to the environment that refuses to put the needs of animals over those of people.

In the next election we can either return to the policies of moral degradation and negligence of foreign threats that have endangered our nation in the past, or we can follow bold new policies and build a better tomorrow. When you go to the polls this November, keep this choice in mind, and vote to re-elect President Bush.


The April 1 staff editorial contained several errors, including the headline, subheadline, and all 555 words of body text."


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