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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The New Republic discusses Columbia's antagonism towards ROTC

I think that Mr. Beinart hits the mark in this article dead center. The continual leaning of the military towards the right is a shame, particularly since its root cause is disenfranchisement of military servicemen and women from liberal politics and the democratic party. Couple this with progressives' marked (and more often misplaced) mistrust of the military, both the institution as a whole as well as individual members and veterans, and you make it very difficult for soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines to support the democratic party, dispite progressive political leanings on other issues such as gay rights or privacy and first amendment rights.
I think he leaves one argument out, though, and that is Civic Duty. Over Low Library and inscribed in a stone over the library is a founding mandate that Columbia stands for public good. Part of the public good is to protect and defend. Indeed, just to the left of Low, underneath the American Flag are inscribed the words "cherish and protect it." Just as we, the Citizens of the United States of America have a duty to protect and defend the United States and its Constitution, Columbia as an institution charged with the development and education of leaders, has a DUTY to produce leaders in the defense of this nation. Columbia supposedly takes very seriously its civic responsibilities, but few seem to find fault with this great Ivy League University reneging one of the most important charges to which it can be granted - to educate this nation's future military officers. Instead it relegates this charge to lesser institutions and lower classes, using CONGRESS'S law (that is THE PEOPLE'S LAW) prohibiting open homosexual conduct in the military, as an excuse to do so. This way, Columbia can continue to have its cocktail parties and its John Jay awards dinners without being confronted with the possibility that one of their...or I should say our... fancy, high-falutin', fortune-donating graduates has died in battle, in the service of this country. The country from which Columbia derives its name!

War College
by Peter Beinart
Post date 03.10.06 | Issue date 03.20.06

Hillary Clinton, congratulations. You're the lucky recipient of a winning political issue, which has the added virtue of being morally important. Send your thanks to Columbia University and the U.S. Supreme Court.

This week, the Court unanimously upheld the Solomon Amendment, which denies government funding to universities that prohibit military recruiting on campus. The ruling's practical implications aren't entirely clear, but they thrust an old, ugly issue back into the national spotlight: the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC).
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