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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ferrer - the fleas that live on my dog's back are smarter

I don't care if you are a democrat or a republican. You have to realize that Ferrer is an idiot:

"Fernando Ferrer called upon Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg yesterday to divulge in
greater detail the information that led him to increase subway security last
week, making his sharpest comments yet on terrorism and security. In a statement
released after Mr. Bloomberg told reporters the threat had passed, Mr. Ferrer,
the Democratic candidate for mayor, said, "Now that we are no longer on high
alert, it is appropriate for the mayor to tell us what he knew about the threat,
when, and why he chose to act in the way he did." Mr. Ferrer said he thought the
city should take "every threat seriously." But his campaign was trying to
capitalize on suspicions voiced by some New Yorkers that the mayor's
announcement of a plot to bomb city subways last week was politically timed to
interrupt a run of bad publicity over his decision to skip a debate at the
Apollo Theater in Harlem."

What, does he want to wait for a few explosions and a few hundred dead commuters before the alarm is sounded? Yeah thats the kind of guy I want as my mayor.


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