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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

2008 Election Pool

Given that there is some sort of election today, I thought it would be appropriate to have an Election Pool. I originally thought of saying that everyone should put in a dollar, but then I remembered that we are all cheapskates, so this Pool is free to participate. Just provide answers for the following questions, e-mail them to me at I’ll announce the winner tomorrow or whenever we know all the answers. The winner will enjoy a few pats on the back if the losers are feeling magnanimous.

Presidential Questions

1) Who will win Ohio? -

2) Who will win Georgia? -

3) Who will win North Carolina? -

4) What will the percentages be for both candidates in Florida?

5) What percentage of the vote will Obama get in California?

6) What percentage of the vote will McCain get in Arizona?

7) What will the final Electoral College totals be for both candidates?

Congressional Questions

1) How many seats in the House will Democrats pick up?

2) Will Democrats reach 60 seats in the Senate?

3) Who will win in Minnesota, Senator Norm Coleman (R) or Al Franken (D)?

4) Who will win in Louisiana, Senator Mary Landrieu (D) or John Kennedy (R)?

5) In 2006, Tim Mahoney replaced Mark Foley (he of the congressional page scandal) in Florida District 16. Now, Tim Mahoney has been revealed to have had several mistresses, and is expected to lose. What percentage of the vote will he receive?


1) At what time and on what day will the Associated Press first declare a winner of the election?